Hector Magno, M.S.

Hector Magno,M.S. earned both his bachelor and graduate degrees in Computer Science at UC Berkeley. His studies at Berkeley included emphases in mathematics, statistics, and data analysis. He is a software engineer and owns a software company that specializes in computational geometry and surface modeling, and provides software engines used to drive Computer Aided Design and Manufacturing programs. Hector is also a husband and father.

“In 2010, when it was time to vaccinate my first kid, I asked my pediatrician what had changed since I was a kid.  I was stunned when I saw the schedule.  I had never heard of many of the diseases on it, but I knew that there hadn’t been a plague of “polio proportions” in my lifetime–nothing even close. Something was off. I wanted to see the numbers on these new diseases. How many kids died or got permanently disabled by them in the US before the advent of their vaccine? No one had the numbers easily available. What about the new vaccines? How many kids do they kill or disable? These numbers were also hard to find.  I’ve made it my mission to present the available data to physicians and parents so that they can make informed decisions.”
– Hector Magno, M.S.