Limited Legal Services Plan

Qualifying PIC MD/DO members are afforded immediate and year-round access to our legal hotline, which operates Monday through Friday during business hours.  Our MD/DO members receive free limited legal consultation by phone and email with an attorney licensed in their State — the PIC legal hotline is presently serving the following States: California, Connecticut, New Jersey, Ohio, and Oregon.

The following are topics that PIC’s attorneys are ready to address during the consultation:

  • Reviewing medical exemption letters
  • Medical licensing
  • Exemptions to vaccination
  • Standard of care
  • Physician rights
  • Patient rights

The PIC legal hotline is operated exclusively by licensed attorneys hired by PIC to represent our members.  All legal services provided are subject to attorney availability. Confidential information provided to an attorney through the hotline remains confidential and is not shared with PIC.

Please note that for complex matters (i.e. medical license defense), PIC attorneys may refer members to outside counsel at no referral cost to the member or expense to PIC.  The member’s attorney-client relationship and any billing arrangement with such outside counsel is outside of PIC and is not included in the PIC Limited Legal Service Plan.