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Physicians for Informed Consent recent accomplishments made possible with your support:

3/5/2023 Physicians for Informed Consent Opposes Proposed HPV Vaccine Mandate in California Schools

2/10/2023 Formal Request for CDPH to Review Mask Mandate following California Public Records Request

1/26/2023 Physicians for Informed Consent Successfully Obtains Federal Court Injunction Protecting Freedom of Speech Regarding COVID-19

12/28/2022 PIC Updates Its ‘Aluminum – Vaccine Risk Statement’: Document Includes Data on Association Between Aluminum in Vaccines and Childhood Asthma

12/7/2022 Physicians for Informed Consent Sues State of California, Argues That Doctor Censorship Bill AB 2098 Violates the U.S. Constitution

12/1/2022 Physicians for Informed Consent Files Lawsuit to Block California’s New COVID-19 Doctor-Censorship Law

11/11/2022 Physicians for Informed Consent Challenges the Basis for COVID-19 Vaccine Mandates

9/27/2022 Physicians for Informed Consent Files Amicus Curiae Brief with Supreme Court of the United States Supporting Workers’ Rights to Refuse COVID-19 Vaccination

9/13/2022 Physicians for Informed Consent (PIC) Releases New Educational Documents Assessing Risks of Hepatitis B Compared to Risks of the Hepatitis B Vaccine

8/16/2022 Physicians for Informed Consent Sues Medical Board of California, Argues Board is Violating the First Amendment of the U.S. Constitution

6/27/2022 Physicians for Informed Consent Opposes AB 2098 (Doctor Censorship Bill) in Sacramento, California

5/1/2022 Physicians for Informed Consent Opposes SB 866 (Minors Consent to Vaccination Without Parental Knowledge or Consent)

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