Education: Polio

Assess the risks of polio compared to the risks of the polio vaccine.

Polio – Disease Information Statement (DIS)

Polio: What Parents Need to Know

Citation: Physicians for Informed Consent. Polio – Disease Information Statement (DIS). 2023 Aug.

Polio – Vaccine Risk Statement (VRS)

IPV Vaccine: Is It Safer Than Polio?

Citation: Physicians for Informed Consent. Polio – Vaccine Risk Statement (VRS). 2023 Aug.

PIC’s educational materials are user-friendly tools developed from data compiled by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the National Center for Health Statistics. The Disease Information Statement (DIS) and Vaccine Risk Statement (VRS), which provide data on total polio cases and available information on polio vaccine risks, allow for an informed risk-benefit calculation.