Physicians for Informed Consent Opposes SB 871


March 9, 2022

Re: SB 871 (COVID-19 vaccine mandate for daycare and K-12 school attendance)
Position: Oppose

Dear California Legislators,

On behalf of hundreds of physician and surgeon members of Physicians for Informed Consent and thousands of our health-freedom members, we oppose SB 871.

The COVID-19 mass vaccination program has unfortunately had no measurable impact on the COVID-19 death rate in the United States.1 Fortunately, severe cases or deaths from COVID-19 in children are rare occurrences (1 fatality per 126,000 children)2 but sadly children commonly suffer from severe systemic reactions to the COVID-19 vaccine.3 Additionally, several studies have shown no measurable impact of the vaccine on the spread of COVID-19.1 Thus, as is the case with other vaccines4 wrongly mandated for school attendance in California, the vaccination status of a child is not a significant risk to other schoolchildren.

It is both unethical and unscientific to mandate the COVID-19 vaccine on any population, but coercing parents to indiscriminately vaccinate their children or lose the right to send them to school is antithetical to the health of California’s children and antithetical to a free society.

We urge you to oppose SB 871.


Shira Miller, M.D.
Founder and President
Physicians for Informed Consent

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2 COVID-19 — Disease Information Statement (DIS)
3 Are Vaccine Mandates Science-Based?
4 Vaccines: What About Immunocompromised Schoolchildren?


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SB 871 was pulled on April 14, 2022.

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