Sandra Fontal, M.P.A.

Sandra Fontal earned her BA at the University of California, San Diego, and Master’s in Public Administration from San Diego State.  Her professional training is in Investigative Social Work and Forensic Interviewing, and she collaborated in a multi-disciplinary investigative team for various years. Most recently, Sandra assisted in human subject research as a Health Research Specialist in a collaborative academic-federal agency effort.

“While I was employed as a Healthcare Worker in a hospital setting, I received various work related vaccines, and subsequently witnessed a strong, steady, and severe decline in health. I suffered from numerous symptoms, and was offered almost a dozen differing diagnoses. So, without adequate answers, I began scouring the peer-reviewed literature. My health decline after vaccination, pursuit of health recuperation, experience as a consumer in the medical system and vaccine conversations, and extensive scientific research, all contributed to my strong perspective that informed consent is an absolute necessity.”